Call for Paper

Deadline for abstract submission : 31- 07- 2018  20-8-2018
Notification of abstract acceptance: 15 – 08 – 2018  25 – 8-2018
Deadline for manuscript submission: 15 – 09 – 2018

1. AC /DC Cables: New materials and ageing assessment

Development of new materials
Application of nanotechnology in development of cable insulation and sheathing materials for special application
Space Charge Measurements
Ageing and reliability studies
New cable systems for solar and wind mill applications

2. Cable and Accessories

New designs in power cables-
Advancements in thermos mechanical and electrical characteristics
Advancements in accessory designs
Modelling studies on power cables with validation
Ampacity calculations

3. Testing and evaluation

Evaluation techniques
New test methods and evaluation criteria
Standardisation and quality assurance
Developmental tests, prequalification tests and after laying tests

4. Diagnosis s, Maintenance & Remaining life Estimation

Emerging trends in test methods
Online/ onsite diagnostic tests
Fault location
Remaining life assessment
Operational experience

5. Manufacturing process

New trends in manufacturing process of cable and accessories
Development of long length cables
New conductor designs for optimised current rating

6. Installation and Laying practices

Installation practices for Medium voltage and EHV Cable system
Laying techniques & Bonding methods
Grounding & Protection
New innovative laying practices

7. Emerging trends

Smart cables for online monitoring
Materials for Superconducting cable and accessories
Gas insulated Cables and accessories – Issues and case studies