About CPRI

The Central Power Research institute commonly known as CPRI, is presently an autonomous Society under the Ministry of Power. Set up in 1960 by the Government of India, it was re-organized into an autonomous society in 1978.


  • Provide prompt services to manufacturers and utilities in quality assurance testing and certification of products and goods delivered to power sector.
  • Provide assistance to power sector in improving efficiency and reliability in all spheres of activity.
  • Provide services in the area of condition monitoring, renovation, modernization and life extension of power plant and equipment through diagnostic and life extension studies for achieving economy & reliability in power systems.
  • Promote applied research in power system technology development
  • Become a national leader of international repute in total engineering consultancy for power sector.
  • Update and upgrade technology to meet the growing needs of the power sector.

The Institute has several research laboratories and testing facilities engaged in different specialized fields within India. It has at present about 250 engineers and scientists besides other supporting staff to guide and maintain various operations of the institute.

Over the years, CPRI has built up expertise in the areas of transmission and distribution systems, Power quality ,Energy Metering, Energy Auditing, Transmission Line Tower Design, Conductor Vibration studies, Power System Instrumentation, Transformer Oil Reclamation testing, Diagnostic, Condition monitoring and Estimation Remaining Life of equipment,  Testing and Evaluation of Power capacitors, Testing of Power Cables and accessories, New materials for power system application, UHV testing, Short circuit testing, HV testing and other related fields. The institute has set up and commissioned state of art Seismic testing facility, Power Capacitors laboratory and a Real Time Digital Simulation facility.

Power Cables Laboratory of CPRI, Bangalore has state of-the-art facilities to cater to the requirements of Cable Manufacturers within the country and abroad. The laboratory is undertaking Research, Testing and Evaluation of Power Cables of voltage rating from 1.1kV to 400 kV voltage rating as per national & international specifications.

Power cables laboratory which was established  in 1960 was augmented periodically to cater to the requirements of the industry , with the upgradation of voltage rating and specifications.  The laboratory has recently  established  test facility for EHV Cables ( Pre Qualification test). Some of infrastructure include 600 kV, 4200 KVA outdoor transformer, 600 kV, 2000 KVA and 600 kV, 600 kVA series resonance transformer, 2400 kV, 240 kJ Impulse generator, 740 KVA, 60 kV, 500 Hz, ac source, heating coils and all measuring devices like dielectric loss angle instrument, PD detector,etc.